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What is Option Volume in Options Trading ?

Option Volume
The Option Volume is the specific volume for an exact contract.  Volume is the number of contracts for a specific strike and expiration that traded hands.

How to Use in Your Brutus Options Ranker Strategy

There are multiple criteria that may be added to your Brutus Options Ranker strategy tree to maximize the overall options liquidity for an underlying.

The Option Volume criteria should also be considered to the instant volume of options contracts for the specific contracts Brutus is evaluating.  You will nearly always want to maximize this parameter.

Where to find Option Volume in the Brutus Options Ranker Criteria Panel

Option Volume can be found on the Strategy Tree Builder page within the Brutus Options Ranker under the Criteria List under the Liquidity Panel:

Specific Considerations for Use with the Brutus Options Ranker

The Option Volume criteria may be added to your Brutus Options Ranker strategy for both setups with both spreads or individual contracts.  If a spread is used, the volume will be calculated as the minimum volume across all the contracts in the spread.

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