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If Every New Trader Did This One Thing They’d Make More Money

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First Educator - If Every New Trader Did This 1 Thing They’d Make More Money

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If Every New Trader Did This One Thing They’d Make More Money
3.9 / 5 OptionAutomator Review
*We agree and support that trading in smaller position sizes is more profitable. So, we give him a thumbs up for once again proving why that's the way to go, with an interesting case study. *We love how Kirk exposes exactly how casinos use winning versus losing probabilities to their advantage and to the detriment of the player. Of course, betting in casinos and options trading is not the same thing. We take absolute pride in real options trading, but what makes this so relevant and interesting to options trading, is that just like betting, probabilities help traders to get their edge in the market. After all, trading is just a game of numbers! *Kirk shows you how it is possible to profit with options, even if you predict the move in the market incorrectly. This is what separates Options from Forex.
*This is not your average quick read. You'll need at least 20 minutes + to spare for this one! *Not for advanced traders.
This is valuable Options Education for new traders who are not yet confident about their strategies. This advice helps traders understand that they do have an edge in the market if they fully understand how probabilities work.