Brutus Options Ranker

Artificial Intelligence for Your Options Trading
Automated ranking of daily trading opportunities against 140+ advanced criteria.
Brutus is an AI supercharged options screener built on top of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Algorithms.  He runs independently to balance all your strategy's criteria and provide daily options trading opportunities.
Free, lifetime plan available for beta members.
Always On, Always Searching
You have better things to do than scouring options chains and clicking "run" 1-by-1 across multiple screens.  Brutus runs all strategies each trading day and delivers results to you.
Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)
Max reward, min risk, and max liquidity.  These are the objectives of any options strategy but all 3 conflict and so do the criteria to measure them.  Brutus balances trade-offs when ranking your results with MCDM.
Cold, Hard, Mechanical Consistency
The key to options trading is to be methodical and mechanical in trade entry, management, and exit.  Brutus is 100% mechanical with its Multi-Criteria Decision Making Algorithms.
Always Have Results
Conventional screeners unintelligently filter in/out trades and often return "no results".  Brutus ranks trades across any of 140+ criteria set to minimize, maximize, or targeting a specific value. Filters are optional.
With conventional screeners you have to spend hours filtering and sorting tables to make sense of the results.  Brutus force-ranks from #1 top-optimized to least optimized.
Free for Beta Users
As a thank you to our Beta Users we give everyone a free lifetime account with 1 Brutus Strategy included. 
Premium upgrades (at reduced pricing) are available but optional.
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