Frequently Asked Questions

Brutus takes a novel approach to find the very best Options Trades. So we understand you might have questions.

Why haven't you posted any performance details of your strategy? Seems fishy...

Seems complicated. Isn't Brutus just chasing pennies on various contracts.

Options trading seems like a lot of work. Can I really do this?

Will you provide options trading education?

Why focus on U.S. Markets? Any plans to bring to other markets?

I don't live in the United States. Can I still use Brutus from OptionAutomator?

Isn't options trading really, really risky?

How did you come across MCDM? I haven't heard of it being used in options trading before.

Why would I trade options when I could just have a money manager look after my savings?

How can I be confident that I can translate my strategy effectively so Brutus can apply MCDM against it?

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