Visual, Drag & Drop, Automated

Whether you're a new or a seasoned options trader, you can save time and invest actionable results with more confidence using Brutus.


Life is a lot better when you're not stuck behind a screen scouring through options chains

Ranking, Not Screening, Against Your Criteria

Screeners Filter. Brutus Force-Ranks

Conventional, tired options and stock screeners don't save you any time.

You enter your criteria into a clunky form and hit scan only to be presented with way too many or way too few results.

You cull through the returned list, desperately sorting by different columns to try and make some sense of the results, but the criteria are conflicting and the options are too many or too few to take any action.

The Brutus Options Ranker takes a different approach.  Set the criteria of your strategy once in a visual drag-and-drop fashion.  Answer a few questions of which criteria is most important and Brutus learns how to balance conflicting criteria.

Brutus will hunt the market for you each evening and return to your 1st, 2nd, and so-on best trades.  No emotions, no effort, no hassle.

Automation Enables the Law of Large Numbers

Successful options traders know that you need to trade frequent, small positions in order to profit long-term in options trading.  Trading too infrequently and positions that are too large is a sure way to blow up an account.

So how are you supposed to keep a healthy stream of options trades going in your account when all you have are talking heads on TV and outdated, consumer-level tools?

Brutus is always on and automated.  Every day he will deliver your very best options trades.  Visually build your strategy and trade your personalized, ranked results.  Aim to trade as many small positions as you can and you'll be well on your way to success in options trading.

Our mission with Brutus is to close this technology gap between Wall Street and Main Street.  You deserve the same level tools as the hedge-funds and big banks and we believe pricing should start at FREE.

Accelerated Results - It's a Numbers Game

Learns Your Trading Style and Criteria

Have you ever tried a newsletter or trade alert service only to be disappointed?

You are unique.  You have your own personal investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time you can invest into managing your portfolio.  As such, a 'one-size-fits-all' newsletter or trade alert service is a thing of fiction.

With the Brutus Options Ranker, Brutus learns your objectives.  This is Machine Learning and Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) technology put to use!  

MCDM is already used by some of the world's largest companies to make multi-billion dollar investment decisions.

With the Brutus Options Ranker, Brutus learns your objectives, balances your trading-criteria tradeoffs and can steer clear of results not aligned to your unique objectives.

Learns Your Trading Style

Templates and add-on strategies to get you started

Templates and Add-on Strategies to Get You Started

Did you know that the number one barrier for investors to start trading options is intimidation that options are too complicated to understand despite the allure of higher returns with less risk?

If you relate with this - don't fear!​

Brutus comes loaded with template strategies, frameworks, and add-ons that will get you started quickly.

We are also teaming up with the very best options trading educators in the industry to bring you world-class education that is immediately deployable in Brutus.

Tailored Market Lists & Spreads for Liquidity and Safety

Successful options trading starts with eliminating the junk.  Brutus has focused in on lists of the safest, most liquid stocks, and time-tested, simple options trading setups to get you going.

Future Features

Enterprise-Class MCDM

Brutus Watches the News

Brutus will be aware if there is high news volume on a particular security and report to you before trade entry.  He'll also be able to use news indicator for rankings.

Enterprise-Class MCDM

Brutus Portfolio Manager

Manage your portfolio cost basis and linked positions.  Also scan for rolls and adjustments in real time.