Development Roadmap

Preview and Upvote Future Developments and Priorities

Development Roadmap

We are providing our development roadmap below to give our members a preview of the great new features we are working on.  Make sure to upvote the feature that you would like to see most.  This helps us prioritize our development activities.

Our pricing will increase as we role out these features so best to lock-in your plan today.

Brutus Options Ranker Roadmap

Additional Setups, Market Groups, and Criteria

  • Dynamic Market Groups (premium feature)
    Instead of using static market groups to define your scans, dynamic market groups will generate a list of underlying stock based on current market conditions. [click to upvote]
  • Underlying Stock/ETF information tooltips (freemium feature)
    This feature will allow you to hover over any ticker symbol in the platform and get basic company information and a recent quote.  [click to upvote]
  • More Criteria For Your Strategies (freemium / premium feature)
    We're diligently adding new criteria to Brutus all the time.  This includes both criteria on the underlying stock/ETF as well as additional options trading criteria.  Some of these additions will be made free to all users and others will be made available for premium plans only.  [click to upvote]
  • News Criteria (freemium feature)
    Brutus will soon be able to include news volume as a criteria in all of your strategies.  [click to upvote]
  • News Sentiment AI (premium feature)
    Brutus will soon analyze all news articles and social media with machine learning and natural language processing to provide a score on news sentiment for the underlying stock or ETF.  This is a premium only feature.  [click to upvote]
  • Technical Analysis (freemium / premium feature)
    Brutus will soon be able to perform technical analysis as part of your ranking criteria.  Some technical analysis will be made available to all members, other technical analysis will made available to premium members only.   [click to upvote]

Social Features

  • Community Profile Page (freemium feature)
    Connect with other traders and share your trades.  Option to allow paid followings only of your stream.  [click to upvote]
  • Shared Trade Stream (freemium feature)
    Allow others to see the top result from your strategies and/or share your live opening, closing, and adjustment trades.  [click to upvote]
  • Follow Other Users (freemium feature)
    Follow your friends strategies, ranker results, and anything else they share in their stream.  [click to upvote]
  • Follow the Pros (premium feature)
    Get access to the pro options traders streams.  [click to upvote]

Integrated Options Trading Education

  • Knowledge Base (freemium feature)
    Everything you need to know to be successful with the Brutus Options Ranker
  • Video Tutorials (freemium feature)
    In-depth video walkthroughs of every feature in the software
  • Resource Section (freemium feature)
    Links to the best options trading training supplied by our education partners and other various gems found scattered across the internet.

Countries and Broker Order Codes

Broker Order Code Integrations:

  • TDAmeritrade/ThinkOrSwim Order Codes (freemium feature)
    Avoid having to manually find the trade in your brokerage software.  Instead, generate an order directly from Brutus and copy and paste into the ThinkOrSwim desktop app. [click to upvote]
  • Interactive Brokers (premium feature)
    Same as above but for Interative Brokers [click to upvote]
  • More U.S. Brokers and Integrations  (premium feature)
    If you would like to see support for your current broker, upvote this feature and leave a comment on the following page.  [click to upvote]
  • More Countries (freemium feature)
    Soon we'll include additional options exchanges.  In the meantime, all traders globally can access the U.S. Options Trading markets.  [click to upvote]

The Big Ticket Items

The following features are core to the OptionAutomator strategy, but are full products which will require additional development time.

  • Brutus Portfolio Manager (premium feature)
    Automatically track trades by position.  Automatic cost-basis/break-even price tracking.  Auto add executed orders.  Scan for rolls and adjustments. [click to upvote]
  • Brutus Real Time (premium feature)
    Run your strategies on live market data vs. end of day.  [click to upvote]
  • Brutus Advanced Learning (freemium feature)
    Deeper learning integrated into Brutus including feedback on strategy performance and contextual strategy adjustment based on interactions on result page.  [click to upvote]
  • Brutus Strategy Stress Test (premium feature)
    Test your strategies against historical data.  Set entry and exit conditions and see how your strategy would have performed to understand how it could perform.  [click to upvote]