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Pricing - It Starts At Free

The Brutus Options Ranker comes with a lifetime free for all members who join during the beta period.  Optional upgrades can be secured at reduced lifetime price throughout beta.

Freemium Plan

Brutus Freemium

During the Brutus Beta you can secure a lifetime free membership.  It includes one strategy, 100 tickers, freemium options spreads, and freemium criteria. Consider it a way to thank you for joining the beta.
1 Free Strategy
100 Tickers
Great Spreads
Start now

Premium Plans

Unlock more power and secure a lifetime discounted price on premium offerings.  Plans are available in the upgrade section of your free account.
Premium Elements
One-time Payment
Premium Spreads
Premium Tickers
Premium Criteria
Brutus Premium
30 Strategies
500 Tickers
All Spreads
All Criteria
Premium +
Unlimited Trading
Coming soon
Brutus premium
Unlimited Free Stock & Options Trading

Brutus Realtime
Brutus Premium with
Unlimited Strategies
Real-Time Rankings
Accepting Pre-orders
Coming 2023
* Your early premium or early real-time pricing will be grandfathered and valid as long as your account remains current.  Introductory pricing will be closed to new members and premium plans will increase per the milestones below.

The Earlier Your Join, the More You Save... Forever

Lifetime Brutus Early Premium Available at $27/mo

vs. $77/mo after the Beta Program
The next pricing for Brutus Premium will be at $47/mo when "Beta Last Call" is Announced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why upgrade if the software is still in Beta?

Two reasons:
1) You’ll lock in a silly-low price for the life of your membership.
2) You'll support and accelerate development. Not only does this help speed new features, but it gives you the most significant voice in prioritizing features.

Will you warn before prices increase on Brutus Premium?

No. We regularly review the status of the beta program to determine beta maturity . This is guided by metrics such as support request volume, bug reports, and deployment of roadmap features. We publish our pricing roadmap to be transparent but will make price increases without warning.

Why is Brutus Premium only offered on a subscription model?

A software subscription model works best to ensure development, support, and improvements are regular and market data subscriptions can be maintained.  Market data is very expensive and we need to ensure we can cover operating expenses.  For example, as an individual trader you would spend more than $600/mo for our raw data subscriptions.  This is without the machine learning and data processing that Brutus adds on top.

How often can I expect to see updates?

We are constantly improving the existing software by  responding to user feedback and squashing bugs.  We feel the current software is largely stable.

We are actively working on a new version which is a major change from the current software.  That said, "new features" are slow in the current application as we are focusing on bringing them to Brutus 2.0 which runs on a more modern framework and will enable mobile applications in addition to web-based.  This new app is likely to mark the end of the beta program.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Sure. You can manage (including cancel) your subscription at any time.

Our billing software by default will keep your Brutus Premium access for the remainder of the subscription period. However, if you’d like to initiate a refund, please drop us a line and we can help with that.

Can I downgrade back to Freemium in the future if free plans are longer offered to new users?

Yes. We want to honor a free life-time plan for all our beta users. Due to technical limitations, this may not be automatic, but drop us a line and we’ll get you back on the legacy Freemium plan.

Do you offer a percentage discount on annual subscriptions?

Not now. We believe that a month-to-month membership is best for our early adopters. If we offer a percent discount on annual subscriptions in the future, we’ll honor this option for you at your locked-in discounted rate if you would like to switch.

Do you offer Brutus for professionals?

Yes, see more near the end of this page.

Ready to Start the Options Ranker?

Secure your lifetime, free account while the Brutus Options Ranker is in Beta phase (limited time).

The link below will bring you to the software without registration.  Later, you can secure your free account and save your personalized strategy.
Visit the Options Screener
Professional Traders

Brutus Institutional

The Brutus Options Ranker was started for retail options traders, but later became evident that not all professional traders had access to similar technology.  Therefore, we offer a dedicated cloud version of Brutus for institutions.
/mo and up
Everything We Offer
Custom Solutions
Your Own Private Cloud
Contact for Quote
Professional Traders

Options Spread API

The Brutus Options Ranker analyzes millions of trades every day.  Soon an options data API will be made available for spread-level data.  (Not just individual contracts & underlying tickers).
Options Spread Data API

/mo and up
Coming Soon
First Spread-Level Options Data
Individual & Professionals
Contact to express interest
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